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Shang Fong Mold Co., Ltd. is dedicated to develop and manufacture nut molds, screw molds and special dies. With strict quality management and advanced mold processing equipment, it can shorten mold development schedule and help improve competitiveness.

Shang Fong Mold has professional technical support and customer service. We develop high quality and competitive molds, dies and punches in a short period of time. We can manufacture molds according to customers’ requirement as well.

Shang Fong Mold Co., Ltd. is welcome to cooperate with traders and same industrial manufacturers and to create a win-win situation.

Main Products:

  • Nut Forming Dies
  • Tungsten Carbide Dies
  • Screw Punch and Die
  • Nut Punches
  • Cold and Hot Forging Dies
  • Multi-Stroke Dies
  • Fastener Dies and Tools
  • Irregular Punch
  • Hexagon Punch
  • 12-Point Punches
  • Speciallzed Punches and Dies
  • Customized Punch and Die


Special Nuts, Weld Nuts, Flange Nuts, Hex Nuts, T-Nuts, Blind Rivet Nuts, Multi-Station Parts, Special Parts, Special Screws and Bolts, Spacer bushing, Bush Roller, Socket, Standard Nuts, Standard Screws and Blots, Customized Nuts, Customized Screws and Blots